Success! The Moscone Center Expansion Project approved by the City Planning Commission on 8/14/2014 after substantial design changes to minimize its impacts on the Childrens Garden is now a “contextual” building that will feel like part of our Yerba Buena Neighborhood. And the improvements to the playground's facilities and Sister Cities Terrace above Howard Street that will be built as part of the Expansion Project will make Yerba Buena Gardens even better! We like to call this a Public-Private-Community partnership!


Here’s what has been accomplished so far:


Project Design Improvements

  •  All Children’s Garden Improvements will be funded and built as part of the Expansion Project.
  • The replacement West Bridge will touch down at the Garden level, simplifying the path of travel for visitors from the north to south block and opening up currently underutilized space under today’s bridge.
  • The new Ballroom of the Moscone South Expansion Building will have a 70’ setback from the Garden side, resulting in a 57’-high roofline relative to the Children’s Garden.


Some Pedestrian Mitigations have been committed to in writing, AND have funding:

  •  ‘No Turn on Red’ Arrows and sound signals on 4th Street at Howard and Folsom.
  •  ‘No Bicycles Allowed on Sidewalks’ Signs throughout the neighborhood.
  • Widened sidewalk at 4th Street adjacent to the Downtown Community College.


Some Pedestrian Mitigations have been promised to in writing, and don’t yet have funding or full approvals:

  • New Sidewalk Management Plan
  • New signalized crosswalk at Folsom and Mabini


There are still I’s to dot and t’s to cross. The Community will be involved in the process until the end.

  • Bridge design – the design of both bridges has not been finalized at this time.
  • Green wall design – the Community would like to see expecially excellent materials used for the first 10’-15’ of the Green Wall, as that will have the most visual impact on visitors and users of the space.
  • Funding for the 4th street east sidewalk is not yet committed. Environmental Review will be completed through the Central SOMA EIR.
  • Continuation of Gardens funding from Moscone Center. The Moscone Center benefits from the excellent maintenance, programming, and quality of the Yerba Buena Gardens. Given this, a long-term funding agreement should be reached.